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Ersatz Labs Offers ‘Deep Learning’ Service to Companies


A 'deep learning' platform developed by Californian startup Erstaz Labs now provides client companies with simplified solutions for automated learning. Continue reading →


Higher Learning Commission Continues Accreditation for American InterContinental University™


American InterContinental University announced today that the principal accreditor of the university and its programs – the Higher Learning Commission – has acted to coContinue reading →


PredictionIO raises $2.5M and wants to be MySQL for machine learning


Another startup, PredictionIO, is trying to make machine learning child's play (or at least developer's play) with open source source software it says can have programmers launching recommendation engines …Continue reading →


Our Schools Are Un-American. Video Games Can Fix That

“Game based learning” is a misleading term. Continue reading →

Counting Our Blessings: The Phonics Road Level Two, in-depth look

I absolutely love this program! It is my favorite homeschool curriculum of all time! Here is how we are using it this year…  Josiah (9) and I are working our way through the 34 weeks of The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading Level Two this year. Continue reading →

Steep learning curve for Falcons’ rookie linebackers

During the various camps and team activities in the weeks since the Falcons selected three linebackers in the draft, coach Mike Smith mentioned more than once that the rookies are on a steep learning curve.Continue reading →

Play and Learn Everyday: Introducing Phonics Learning with Jolly …

Ethan is like a little sponge, the way that he can learn new things and retain information is absolutely incredible.  He has an amazing memory, and loves to learn about everything around him.  He has been singing the alphabet song for almost a year now, but just like any other song that he has memorised. Continue reading →

How Does Phonics Impact Reading Comprehension? – Reading …

Often reading comprehension problems are seen as being a separate problem from phonics, but in many cases, a lack of phonemic awareness and word decoding skills lead to poor reading comprehension. The other day a little girl I know was reading aloud to me and every time she came to a word she didn’t know she would try to sound it out. Continue reading →

Creative Learning Corporation Announces 600th Franchise Awarded

Creative Learning Corporation owner and developer of Bricks 4 Kidz®, Challenge Island®, and Sew Fun Studios®, the highly-popular children’s education and enrichment programs, is pleased to announce it awarded its 600th franchise, located in San Jose, CA.Continue reading →

Reading Wars: Phonics vs. Whole Language Reading Instruction …

By: Dr. Continue reading →

Twitter snaps up deep learning firm Madbits

The microblogging platform has acquired Madbits, a startup focused on computer vision and dynamic search technology.Continue reading →

Numerical learning disability: Dyscalculia linked to difficulties in reading and spelling

Between three and six percent of schoolchildren suffer from an arithmetic-related learning disability. Continue reading →

Robots helped inspire deep learning and might become its killer app

Andrew Ng knows a lot about both deep learning and robotics, and he recently presented on how the former might affect the latter. Robot brains will need to train on a lot of data, and deep learning seems …Continue reading →